The Ferrari F430 Spider

The F430 Spider joins the F430 as the latest addition to the new generation of Ferrari V8-engined sports cars. The F430 Spider’s innovative aerodynamics, honed to generate dynamic air flows to increase down-force and improve cooling, and the F1 gearbox featuring upgraded software, are just two examples of how Ferrari’s technological excellence has been transferred from the track to road.

The F430 Spider’s all-aluminium bodywork and chassis have also been carefully strengthened, to guarantee both occupant safety and the structural rigidity demanded by a car of such high performance.

Two very robust steel roll-bars are integrated into the windshield structure to guarantee maximum occupant protection. The electric hood is fully automatic and folds away under its own flush-fitting tonneau cover, allowing Ferrari engineers to hone the aerodynamics of the car with the hood down.

The porsche Panamera S

You could choose to drive a sporty saloon. Or a sporty MPV. Alternatively, you could choose to drive a four-seater Porsche. Just like the Panamera S or Panamera 4S, with performance figures to match many a sporty two-seater.

The S models are recognizable by the silver colored brake calipers behind the 18-inch Panamera S wheels and by their round twin tailpipes. The side windows have a chrome colored border. In the interior, the silver-grey rev counter dial is visually striking.

On the Panamera S, the double slats on the side air intakes are black. On the Panamera 4S, they are titanium colored.



The 458 Italia is Ferrari’s two-seat, mid-rear engine exotic sport coupe, the result of an uncompromising design approach that integrates style and passion with cutting-edge, track-derived technology. It was designed for owners whose priority is on-road performance with occasional track day capability, but who still demand a car that is useable in day-to-day driving.

 The 458 Italia’s 570-horsepower direct-injected 4.5-liter V8 engine sends power through 7-speed dual clutch transmission with F1-style steering column-mounted shift paddles that allow for extremely quick gear changes. A switch on the steering wheel, called a manettino, integrates suspension, traction control, stability control and shifter systems and allows the driver to choose the optimum setting for current conditions.